S2022 Ep54: 054 – PCI talks education

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The world of education has been increasingly in the spotlight, with all that the last couple of years has brought compounding and exacerbating existing challenges. Education is also part of PCI’s DNA – through the role of transferor governors and boards of management alongside the people in our pews who serve as school leaders, teachers, classroom assistants, support staff and other roles.
In this podcast Dr Andy Brown (2nd Broughshane PC and Convener PCI’s State Education Committee), Colin Berry (The Mall PC, Armagh and Principal Markethill High School) and Ruth Dalzell (2nd Comber PC and SUNI E3 worker for North Belfast & Newtownabbey) talk to Karen Jardine (PCI Public Affairs Officer) about why local church engagement with schools matters, and how it can be done.

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