S2021 Ep28: 028 - Parenting in a pandemic

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Parenting our children through the pandemic has been a challenge in many ways over the last 10 months. Caroline Hawthorne (Waringstown Presbyterian) and Marc Harding (West Church, Bangor) joined Ruth Bromley and Graeme Thompson to reflect and share about parenting children through lockdowns, homeschooling and faith journeys. They discuss challenges and opportunities that have arisen as families have spent more time together that ever before as well as how the faith of both children and parents has been impacted by recent global events.
Kate Middleton (psychologist and church leaders, Director of Mind and Soul Foundation) also spoke to us about practical ideas to help our children and young people to process and live through a global pandemic in terms of mental health and resilience. She gives practical tips to parents on how to support their children in these challenging times.

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