S2020 Ep22: 022 - Refined Youth & Children's Ministry

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Youth and children's ministry is yet another area of congregational life that has been undergoing refinement this year. PCI’s Ruth Bromley (Children's Development Officer) and Graeme Thompson (Youth Development Officer) joins Rick Hill to reflect on this and share what they have been hearing from recent conversations with a variety of leaders, volunteers and staff across the denomination.
They discuss current challenges, and also provide examples of good practice they've observed, and share about their engagement in children's and youth ministry in their own congregation in recent months. Christine Wilson (Carnmoney) also joins the podcast to share how in-person children's ministry has been delivered in her congregation on Sunday mornings since August.
This podcast is part of the Refined digital programme of resources https://presbyterianireland.org/refined to support and develop congregational life and witness. An upcoming webinar focused on Youth & Children's Ministry is mentioned during the podcast. It will take place on Wednesday 25 November from 8-9pm. Registration is open at https://www.presbyterianireland.org/events. If you have a story of how your congregation is coping with the new Coronavirus restrictions, please email details to rhill@presbyterianireland.org
Edited by Alan Meban

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