S2020 Ep19: 019 - Maximising Social Media

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PR consultant Rebecca McConnell (First Rathfriland), Creative Associate Jamie Neish (Carnmoney) and Assistant Minister John Graham (Hill Street) join PCI's Rick Hill to consider our engagement with social media, both personally and as congregations. It's an area that many congregations have chosen to explore in recent months, discovering fresh opportunities as well as unearthing some frustrations too.
The podcast panel discuss how helpful it is for a church to have a virtual front door, and share helpful practices in developing digital ministry as well as talking about finding a digital balance and how less can sometimes be more.
You can read Rebecca’s blog post from July about ‘Lessons we are learning about engaging in the digital space’ and find more resources around These Three Remain at https://presbyterianireland.org/thesethreeremain. Please subscribe to hear future episodes by searching for 'These Three Remain Presbyterian' in your favourite podcast software.
Edited by Alan Meban

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