S2020 Ep18: 018 – Leading Together

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It's a challenging time to be in leadership, no matter the capacity, and leaders in congregations right now are dealing with changing restrictions, differing expectations and heavy decision-making. This episode of the These Three Remain podcast focuses on the area of shared leadership, with Rosie Donaldson (Kirkpatrick), Joe Campbell (First Holywood) and Rev James Rogers (Ballynure) joining PCI’s Rick Hill to explore the importance of good relationships among elders, the need to plan in pencil not pen as lockdown eases, and the danger of relying on experience are all discussed. The podcast ends with a bonus conversation recorded with Rev Alistair Bill where he talks about how leaders can be supported and equipped for their wellbeing as they minister.
If you have a story of faith, hope or love from your congregation, please email details to rhill@presbyterianireland.org. You can find more resources around These Three Remain, including the "Open to God: Leading out of Lockdown" material that can be used by Kirk Sessions, at https://presbyterianireland.org/thesethreeremain and please subscribe to this podcast to hear future episodes by searching for 'These Three Remain Presbyterian' in your favourite podcast software.
Edited by Alan Meban

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