S2020 Ep16: 016 – Mental Health

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This episode of the These Three Remain podcast considers the area of Mental Health. PCI's Rick Hill is joined by Dr Tim Huey (Whiteabbey), Rev Peter Lyle (Ballyholme), and Dr Susan Williams (Hamilton Road) to hear their unique perspectives. Each shares some of their own journey, signposts approaches to self-care, and together they explore how we can walk with others. It's a rich and honest conversation that emphasises the importance of safe spaces, small groups and healthy approaches to leadership.
If you have a story of faith, hope or love at this time that could be shared on the podcast, please email details to rhill@presbyterianireland.org. You can find more resources around These Three Remain at https://presbyterianireland.org/thesethreeremain and please subscribe to this podcast to hear future episodes by searching for 'These Three Remain Presbyterian' in your favourite podcast software.
Edited by Alan Meban

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