S2020 Ep15: 015 – Shaping Youth Ministry

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Three experienced youth workers join PCI’s Rick Hill to consider how youth and children's ministry can be shaped in the term ahead. Johnny Bell (Saintfield Road), Laura Hutcheson-Magee (Gilnahirk) and Peter Wright (Hill Street) discuss what form youth ministry will take by exploring blended approaches that combine physical and digital ministry. They offer helpful suggestions around mentoring, small group ministry, partnering with parents, and dealing with fear, as well as sharing what biblical themes will be important to teach young people.
If you have any stories of faith, hope or love at this time that could be shared on the podcast, please email them to rhill@presbyterianireland.org. You can find more resources around These Three Remain at https://presbyterianireland.org/thesethreeremain and subscribe to this podcast to hear future episodes by searching for 'These Three Remain Presbyterian' in your favourite podcast software.
Edited by Alan Meban

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