S2020 Ep13: 013 - Summer Dreams

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As we turn our eyes towards the summer, what possibilities might the next couple of months bring us in our congregations? So many plans have gone out the window, so for this episode of These Three Remain, PCI's Rick Hill talks to Rev Stephen Richmond (Donegal), Rachel Haffey (Maze & Ballinderry) and Mark Hawthorne (Waringstown) about how they are each grasping fresh opportunities this summer. Recorded earlier in June, they discuss online holiday Bible clubs, reaching out in their communities, and embracing this time for rest and refreshment.
If you have a story of faith, hope or love from your congregation to share, get in touch with rhill@presbyterianireland.org. You can find more resources around These Three Remain at https://presbyterianireland.org/thesethreeremain and subscribe to this podcast to hear future episodes by searching for 'These Three Remain Presbyterian' in your favourite podcast software.
Edited by Alan Meban

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