Tunnel Vision: Lincoln Riley trying to close strong a week away from the early signing period

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The Tunnel Vision crew of Keely Eure, Shotgun Spratling and Ryan Abraham are back in studio for a special Wednesday show that will put a bow (finally) on the 2021 college football season and look ahead to the extremely important Early Signing Period. With USC waiting to hire its head coach until the end of the regular season, there were not many candidates that could have had an immediate impact on the 2022 recruiting class. Lincoln Riley was one of them.

The crew will talk about the five-star prospects Riley has already got to flip plus looks ahead to what should be a packed recruiting weekend just days before players can sign with the programs of their choice. They will also take a look at players that have entered the NCAA Transfer Portal and discuss how Riley's coaching staff is coming together so far.

This is a podcast version of our video show Tunnel Vision that you can find on our Facebook or YouTube pages.

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