Family Feud: USC's 2021 season ends, Lincoln Riley era begins

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The podcasting trio of Shotgun Spratling, Keely Eure and Chris Treviño are back for another episode of the Family Feud Podcast. In this week's episode, the Feuders put a bow on USC's 2021 season and share their thoughts from Saturday's finale against Cal in Berkeley. They also share their thoughts on Lincoln Riley's staff additions, the new head coach's first weekend hosting visits in Southern California and discuss early thoughts and predictions on the upcoming Early Signing Period.

The Feuders also received a record number of tweets, direct messages and emails this week, so they do their best to answer USC fans' burning questions. In addition, Keely and Shotgun finally address Cousin of the Pod Chris Treviño's status and determine whether he deserves to be an official member of the Family Feud Podcast.

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