Kali Audio - Behind The Brand

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00:00 - Introduction
00:18 - Why Studio Monitors
01:39 - Development Process
02:53 - Technology Choices
06:49 - The Use Of DSP
09:32 - Debut Product
11:24 - Using Simulations
12:32 - Three Way Monitor
13:31 - Design Challenges
14:41 - Designing The Box
16:06 - New Design Woofer and Amplifier
17:26 - Future Plans
19:31 - Sub Speaker Positioning
20:25 - Ending


Kali Audio Biog
A new startup in 2018, Kali Audio was launched by Nate Baglyos (Director Of Marketing) and Charles Sprinkle (Head Of Acoustics), who had both previously held senior positions at JBL.

Based in California with each of their product ranges being named after a town or city in the region, Kali Audio brings together a wealth of engineering experience and a passion for creating high quality studio monitors at a lower price point.

The debut range, Lone Pine, was released in May 2018 and consists of the LP-6 and LP-8 powered monitors. Since then, Kali Audio have introduced their IN Series 3-way monitors, the WS-12 sub-woofer and the Mountain View bluetooth receiver module.

Paul White Biog
Paul White initially trained in electronics at The Royal Radar Establishment in Malvern then went on to work with Malvern Instruments, a company specialising in laser analysis equipment, before moving into technical writing.

He joined the Sound On Sound team in 1991 where he became Editor In Chief, a position he held for many years before recently becoming Executive Editor. Paul has written more than 20 recording and music technology textbooks, the latest being The Producer’s Manual.

Having established his own multitrack home studio in the 1980s he’s worked with many notable names including Bert Jansch and Gordon Giltrap. He’s played in various bands over the years and currently collaborates with Malvern musician Mark Soden, under the name of Cydonia Collective. Paul still performs live claiming that as he has suffered for his music he doesn’t see why everyone else shouldn’t too!

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