30. DST & 1031 Exchange: Profitable Strategies in Real Estate with Brandon Bruckman

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One of the obscenely wealthy's main strategies to defer taxes and increase their investment is 1031 exchanges. In today's show, we have an expert in this space Brandon Bruckman who talks about how the 1031 exchange minimizes capital gains and tax liabilities while investing in tangible assets and tactics that investors utilize to move from active to passive investments.
1031 Exchange: Overview and client alternative services
The basics and biggest mistakes in the 1031 exchange
1031 Exchange’s eligible clients and business types
High-level points to look at in a 1031 exchange and DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) business
Advantages of real estate and proper leveraging
Brandon is an investment adviser and advisory board member at Insight Investment Advisers, Milwaukee office. He is focused on growing the 1031 / DST business as well as adding investment clients. He also leads the marketing efforts and investment due diligence. Prior to Insight, Brandon founded West Chapman & Co., a consultancy that assists clients in growing their business by gaining insights through data. He has assisted large and small businesses in industries ranging from Financial Services to Logistics to Pharmaceuticals. He worked at a prominent Hedge Fund as the Head of Fixed Income Financing. Following that experience, he co-founded a Healthcare consultancy assisting hospitals in making vendor selections.

Website: https://www.investwithinsight.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonbruckman/
Email: brandon@investwithinsight.com
Phone number: (414)-882-8738
Schedule time with Brandon: https://calendly.com/brandon-1031x
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