Ep.2: Belle (Part 1)

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Welcome to the Otalku Bout It Podcast, where a psychotherapist and friends talk about anime from the lens of psychology and mental health! The show is a passion project created by Tyler Sar who wanted to analyze how and why anime has such an emotional impact on those from all over the world.

On our second episode, we'll introduce you to Rafay, our new guest, as well as go into our likes and dislikes about the movie Belle (2021). It is split into 2 episodes for the sake of time. We had some technical difficulties with Justin, who you might not hear for a bit, but he'll join in eventually. I hope you enjoy!
Time Stamps:
Likes and Dislikes about Belle (27:42)
Music Credit:
Comedy by Gen Hoshino (SPY x FAMILY)
Zzz by Sasaki Sayaka (Nichijou)

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