Mother's Day with Hero Mom Jennifer

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Ritual abuse is generational because there is no one to stand up and declare it to be wrong. Sometimes a survivor will, and is quickly labeled as "crazy" and kicked out of the family with black sheep status. But every once in a while an unsuspecting, non-cult ties person marries into a family and finds themselves in the middle of a nightmare. Jennifer is just such a mom. Her two young daughters were brave enough to risk the wrath of their abusers to disclose sra to their mom. Jennifer did everything right. She went to the police, forensic doctors and psychologists to get help for her children only to end up having them taken completely out to her custody. In today's episode we hear Jennifer's horrific journey (and you can get the entire story in Season 1 Episode 17) and try to imagine what the lives of survivors would have been like if they had experienced a loving mom like Jennifer. I dedicate this episode to all the brave parents of sra survivors who are fighting legal systems to get safety for their children. If you would like to hear my personal ruminations of my own mom, subscribe to "Lisa's World" on the Anchor or Spotify platforms for $5.99 per month. To support this podcast, please go to Thank you for listening to today's important Mother's Day special. --- Support this podcast:

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