Mary Knight, SRA Victor and Film Producer

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Mary Knight is a very gentle powerhouse of a survivor. She shares her story of ritual abuse and her very vulnerable journey to validate and understand it while documenting the journey in a film that she has put out for everyone to see! Talk about amazing. She talks about connecting with Marilyn Van Derbur (Miss America 1958 who came out with her explosive memoir about her father sexually abusing her growing up and her having completely repressed it), Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk (author of “The Body Keeps the Score”) and Dr. Elizabeth Loftus (“expert” on “False Memory Syndrome” and expert witness for the Ghislaine Maxwell and Harvey Weintstein). If you would like to connect with Mary, she would love to hear from you. If a survivor watches her film and would like to talk with her, she is willing to have one conversation for free. Ways to connect with Mary: (If you email her, she will send you free essays she has written) Film: “Am I Crazy? My journey to determine if my memories are true.” Youtube: Interview with RealWomen/RealStories Memoir coming soon: Becoming Mrs. Brown: Essay by a Child Sex Trafficking Survivor Thank you for listening! If you would like to support this podcast: --- Support this podcast:

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