Judith & Jimmy, SRA Couple

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Judith and Jimmy are a couple from the Netherlands who found each other in a Christian group in college. Judith needed deliverance and Jimmy jumped in to help. Through the process of healing Judith realized she was an SRA survivor. This was a shock because she grew up Christian with no memories of abuse. Jimmy went to God to find out how to help Judith and was instrumental in helping her to heal. They married and have been on a journey of continued healing and following God wherever He leads them to go. Hear their story as they go through revelation of intense ritualistic abuse, through healing in Christ Jesus, learning how to traverse marriage when one of them has had severe abuse, and how God is using them to help others. Their heart for the Lord and each other will encourage you wherever you are in life. This is an important interview that will leave you praising God for His goodness. You can find Judith and Jimmy through their website at: https://www.royaltyfineart.com/english/. She also has a book of her artwork available on her website called: "Evidence of Hope." If you would like to support this podcast, there are a number of options available. At https://www.buymeacoffee.com/onlygod you can buy me a coffee, subscribe to a month Q&A with Lisa, or purchase a one hour conversation with Lisa. On Anchor or Spotify you can subscribe to Lisa's World, which give extra podcasts where Lisa talks about personal parts of her life. Thank you so much for listening today! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lisa-meister/support

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