Can God be good if SRA exists? with Charisse Milan

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Can God truly be good if SRA exists? How could a good God not stop the evil that we have had to endure? Today, we are joined with SRA Victor, Charisse Milan, Author of, "For the Silenced Ones," (available on Amazon, Kindle, Audible). I believe this is a very important episode, as we wrestle with these questions. We have to be able to answer these questions to find out if we can serve God and trust Him. Without complete trust, we cannot get close to Him. Charisse mentions an article she wrote on her website, (, and the article is entitled, "Will the Real Jesus Step Forward." If you are interested in exploring more on this topic, Lisa Meister has recently published, "You've Got the Wrong Guy," available on Amazon and Kindle. To support her Podcast, please find me at Thank you for your kind and generous support and for listening! #onlygodrescuedme #lisameister #christianity #isgodgood #forthesilencedones #charissemilan #podcast --- Support this podcast:

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