Conversation with Sandra Cole - Actor, Writer and Singer

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In this episode I talk to actor, writer and singer Sandra Cole.

Once upon a time, many years ago, I had the honour of being Sandra’s acting agent.

I adored Sandra and always knew there was more I’d like to talk to her about than audition times and self tapes.

So, finally I got my chance.

Sandra graced me with her gentle, winding thoughts on grief, the fear we often have of our own power, how her recent health has impacted her attitude to life, her experience as a Black woman in white Briton, the whim hoff method and the strength we can find in loving and being open.

We start in Camberwell, London 1962, as one of seven sisters, then pass through biochemistry, following her path into acting, becoming a mother at 28 and then find ourselves in Lancashire, talking about why Sandra writes and how ‘being’ comes before ‘doing’.

Welcome to my conversation with the deeply moving and deeply funny, Sandra Cole.

You can find Sandra’s books ‘Things White People Have Said to Me’ on Amazon and you can find Sandra on instagram @sandracoleuk

Sandra is represented by Jane Hollowood Associates.

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