Dancing With Wisdom - Dr. Sunil Raheja

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Dr. Sunil Raheja is a Psychiatrist, Leadership and Management Coach, and author of the book Dancing With Wisdom: A Sacred Quest to Restore Meaning, Purpose and Fun to Your Life and Work.
It is his privilege to work with senior leaders who feel stuck - empowering them to re-engage with deeper purpose and live life in crescendo, so their best days are still to come. Sunil has worked as a psychiatrist for over 25 years. He lives in London, England with his wife, Sally. They have four grown children.
Sunil is a founding circle member of the John Maxwell Team with experience in teaching and training in the areas of leadership and management.
Questions asked and what we talked about:

  • What made you write this book and who is this book for?
  • How would you define wisdom as distinct from knowledge?
  • Would you please explain the parts in your book pertaining to desiring wisdom, developing wisdom, and deepening in wisdom?
  • Please tell us more about your program, your podcast, and your blog based on the book.

On Sunil's website drsunil.com, you will find the book, the workbook, the podcast, and the blog, plus his contact information.
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