BONUS TASTER: Doomsday Watch with Arthur Snell

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A sneak peak at a brand new series from the producers behind Oh God, What Now? To hear more, visit

The world has never stood as close to the apocalypse as it does today.

Hosted by ARTHUR SNELL, a former British diplomat and counter-terrorism operative who has seen service in Yemen, Helmand and Zimbabwe, DOOMSDAY WATCH meets experts and eyewitness for an unflinching look at the threats that conventional media ignores. On this first edition: Is a toxic combination of extreme partisanship, detached elites and Trump’s incitement driving the world’s greatest democracy to a second Civil War?

• “This is the story of a great project that has torn itself apart from the inside.” – ARTHUR SNELL

• “At what point do we stop saying this is a democratic country?” – BRIAN KLAAS

• “Where there is anger and polarised states, democracy may not work any more.” – JACK GOLDSTONE

DOOMSDAY WATCH was written and presented by Arthur Snell and produced by Robin Leeburn – with assistant production from Jacob Archbold. Theme tune and original music is by Paul Hartnoll. The group editor is Andrew Harrison. DOOMSDAY WATCH is a Podmasters production.

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