Loren Healy, Fun Haver - Episode 111

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Ross and Chris welcome Loren Healy to the show. Loren is a King of the Hammers champion and an Ultra4 series champion. He got his start rock crawling in New Mexico and found his way to Ultra4 Racing. Loren competed in his 4400 Bronco race truck and in the Every Man Challenge in a stock Ford Bronco 4600 this year. He has teamed up with Vaughn Gittin Jr for off-road racing and they started an off-road company, Fun Haver, together. Bronco aftermarket parts are coming soon! Also, discussed are Jeep's High Tide & Beach trims, GMC Sierra AT4 ZR2? spy shot, Ross' time with the Jaguar F-Pace SVR off-road, and Chris still acquiring GM tow hooks.

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