Episode 10 - Mychal Thompson

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Welcome to Episode 10 of the Byron Scott Podcast and thank you for being part of Season 1! This episode is the last episode of Season 1 but we have an incredible Season 2 coming to you soon.
Byron Scott gets to talk with friend and former Showtime Laker Mychal Thompson. They talk about running for office in the Bahamas, their favorite moments on the Showtime Lakers, and what it's like now to cheer on his son Klay Thompson as he follows in his dad's footsteps.
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OFF THE DRIBBLE is hosted by Byron Scott. Byron was a 3x NBA Champion as part of the Showtime Lakers. Later he turned to coaching and was recognized as NBA Head Coach of the Year! We are excited to bring you this new podcast where Byron will interview athletes, musicians, celebrities, and more to give you behind the scenes stories you can only hear on the Byron Scott Podcast!
Executive Producer: Cody Wallace
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