Casey Anthony: MKULTRA, Alex Jones, Trusting Police & the Media! Breaking Social Norms

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On today's episode of the Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture with Isaac Weishaupt podcast (formerly known as CTAUC Podcast) we get another episode of Breaking Social Norms (*this episode is particularly of interest to the OSAPC crowd)! Join Josie and I as we break down some of the MKULTRA elements of Casey Anthony! We’ll talk about the docu-series on Peacock and go into various ideas and theories about what really happened. Was Casey involved in the CIA MKULTRA mind control program? We’ll talk Brice Taylor, Monarch programming and more! Was Alex Jones vindicated when we saw Nancy Grace do the exact same thing?… Do we trust police and science to tell us the truth?… We’ll talk George Anthony and so much more before finally giving you our useless opinion: DID SHE DO IT?… If you like the show format- check out our growing index of episodes on the Breaking Social Norms podcast feed! Full index of every episode so far:

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