How to be more inclusive in your communication

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Nurses see a diverse range of patients and their families. But sometimes assumptions are made about the make-up of families – that they include a mum, dad and their biological children.

This perpetuation of heteronormativity – that heterosexuality is the norm – can be led by systems, such as documentation used by the NHS requesting who is the mother and father of a child. Some healthcare professionals also make assumptions about the set-up of a patient’s family.

This episode looks at how nurses – and the NHS – can support all people using health services to feel included.

Senior nurse editor Richard Hatchett discusses this topic with Lucy Kelsall-Knight, a lecturer in children’s nursing at the University of Birmingham. Lucy has conducted the UK’s first research into how people who are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) feel when accessing health services for their children. She also has two adopted children with her wife.

Rob Atkin-House, who with his husband is a father to three sons, also joins the conversation to speak about his personal experiences.

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