3x08 - Superhero Gadgets

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  • Thor’s Hammer
    • Fused in the heart of a dying star
    • Summon function
    • Spew/control lightning
    • Unliftable by others
  • Captain America Shield & Vibranium
    • Came from meteorite from space
    • Absorbs all vibrations / reflects kinetic energy
  • Iron Man Suit
    • Fusion reactor
    • Flying
    • AR display
    • Nanotech reforming (yikes!)
  • Wolverine’s Claws
  • Antman quantum / becoming small
    • Becoming small or huge does not scale, not realistic
    • Breathing/enough air (lungs too tiny)
    • Keeping cool
    • Voice/sound waves
  • Dr Octopus - Green Goblin
  • Next week: The Core
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