Gold Standard: Take It or Leave It performance predictions for 2022

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Rob "Stats" Guerrera is back from vacation and he and Levin Black lay out their take-it-or-leave-it numbers for Trey Lance, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, and more!

  • What the hell is the idea for today's show? (4:48)
  • Trey Lance touchdowns in 2022: 31 (5:34)
  • Would you take 3,500 passing yards this year for Lance? (10:16)
  • How much will a healthy finger improve Trey's passing? (13:30)
  • How confident are you that Trey can start at least 16 games? (18:23)
  • Would you sign for 12 interceptions thrown by Lance? (20:13)
  • What are reasonable expectations for Deebo this year? (24:18)
  • How much will Jennings' role increase in 2022? (28:05)
  • Does Deebo reach 10 total TDs this year? (30:29)
  • Is this the season Brandon Aiyuk breaks out? (33:06)
  • How much does Kittle's receiving total change with Trey under center? (34:44)
  • Yards by the 49ers' leading rusher this year: 900 (41:42)
  • Why Stats wouldn't sign for 17 Nick Bosa sacks right now (47:23)
  • Can the defense repeat their top ten performance in points allowed this year? (50:01)
  • Can Charvarius Ward do something no 49ers CB has done in a decade? (57:52)
  • Would you sign for 10 wins right now? (1:04:53)

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