FPL GW16 Matchups| Green arrow before the World Cup? | Fantasy Premier League 22/23

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Previewing Gameweek 16. Who to target as a one-week punt, with just 1 gameweek to go? Who to captain this week? We will use the Matchups, FDR, Zonal Matchups, NetxG & Captaincy Metric to shape the discussions.

Join #1 Ranked FPL YouTuber 21/22 @FPLMariner (122nd OR), @FPLNima (895th OR) & @FPLLens (81k OR) for a look at key FPL Strategies. We discuss forward assets by comparing @FplMariner’s FDR, Stats, and Value. Matchups covering Arsenal, Spurs, and Chelsea.

Season 3 Episode 23 (Episode 101)


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Timestamps 0:00:00 Intro (& multiple Mariner Rants)


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👨💼About Us: Join #1 FPL YouTuber 21/22 @FPLMariner (122nd OR), @FPLNima (895th OR) & @FPLLens (81k OR). Make sure you Net That FPL Haul. Map out your FPL Journey with reviews of the previous Gameweek, Transfer Trends, Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR), Zonal Matchups, Ground breaking NetxG by @FPLlens, and our famous Captaincy Metric which returned an amazing 79% success rate in 20/21 & 21/22. From time to time we will run specials, FPL round table discussions, and Q&A, Expect frank, honest and hilarious answers from the team plus special guests. What are you waiting for?

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