Episode 2 - Eyal Pik - An Experience of A Jewish Musician & Beat Poet In the UK!

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Series One- Episode 2 - Music Industry Insights Worldwide
Equality & Diversity In The Music Industry 2022
Out every Monday ..
Eyal Pik - A Millennial beat-poet.
Israeli-British-Jewish, London based singer-songwriter/guitarist & producer.
Former frontman of Neo-Psych group 'Brain Candies’ whose electrifying, catchy pop songs are encrusted with colourful and intelligent psychedelia, delivered with his unique character, voice and Guitar style, bringing interesting stories and the sharp, truthful thoughts of a multi-talented, sensitive young man in the modern age.
His unique take on Brit-pop & 60’s Rock n’ Roll infused sound is influenced by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Oasis and Supergrass, incorporating storytelling elements similar in style to those of Bob Dylan and John Lennon, brought forward with fresh and modern sounds. Ready to take over your ears & hearts.
Eyal's debut solo album 'Mercury Retrograde' is out now.
Instagram Mizsaskia
Linkedin : Saskhia Menendez
email msaskhia@gmail.com

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