#193 - A Spoiled Brat

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On the 2nd of June 1935, Ms Riley, owner of a two-floor flat at 19 Gloucester Avenue in Regent’s Park asked her friend, 63-year-old Louise Gann to house-sit while she went on holiday.

Feeling a little lonely in a spacious two-floor flat, for three weeks in June, Louise was accompanied by her 20-year old daughter Maxine and Maxine’s boyfriend, 28-year-old Alan Grierson.

The morning of Saturday 22nd June 1935 had started much the same as any other. They’d had a cup of tea, a cooked breakfast, and – as Maxine and Alan headed off to work – they had agreed to meet later, to head off on a romantic weekend away in Torquay, as Louise stayed in, to housesit. It was very much an ordinary day… only Louise’s fateful decision to stay behind, would lead to her murder…

…and it was all because of a spoiled little brat.

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