E174: Skip Your New Year’s Resolution: 3 Alternative Questions to Achieve the Right Goals for Your ADHD

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I hate goal trackers. They are sticker charts for grownups. (I also despise sticker charts.)

I’m not a New Year’s resolution person. I never stick with them.

I’m annoyed by the New Year, New You messaging in January. Barf.

I am, however, big into Growth. Goals. Being the best version of you.

Goal setting is difficult for ADHD so I’m offering 3 questions to ask yourself as you wrap up the year and look ahead to the new year. Let’s change it up and think about the new year in an ADHD-friendly way.

You are more than your failed goals.

In the process, I’m sharing behind the scenes of what I’m no longer here for and what I have planned for ADHD Moms in 2023.

Let’s do things differently, Successful Mama.

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