126: Kole Whitty - Integration Coaching

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We are rejoined by Kole Whitty to talk all about psychedelic integration, coaching, listening to your body, opening portals to other realms, and so much more!
Kole's prior appearance on MoM (Episode 37)
About Kole
Kole's journey began when she ended up in a coma from a drug overdose at 17, and was labeled an addict by society. She worked with organizations such as the DARE program and Partnership for a Drug-Free America, speaking all over the world about the dangers of club drugs until... her own health crash in 2008 and desperation to live took over and guided her back to psychedelics for healing.
Along with her husband, Tah, she created The Condor Approach, a data-driven, method to train psychedelic integration coaches. Their methods create radical self-responsibility and community healing containers, empowering individuals and practitioners to take control of their own healing journey.
Tah and Kole have facilitated hundreds of retreats and workshops and have worked with thousands of clients, helping them achieve long-term wellness and a deeper understanding of themselves. Together they host The Psychedelic Coach Podcast and have been featured in various media outlets and events such as Aubrey Marcus’ Fit For Service, The Life Coach Podcast with Brooke Castillo, Psychedelics Revealed by Jeff Hays, and hundreds of podcasts. They are dedicated to spreading the word about the transformative power of integration and are committed to shifting the wellness paradigm globally!
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