Weight Loss for Body, Mind and Soul with JJ Flizanes on Morgana Radio

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Weight loss doesn’t come from diet and exercise…

JJ Flizanes shares the hard science and spiritual principles of “Invisible Fitness for effective weight loss and life success… and she walks you through her 5 Steps to Release Weight and Body Shame.

JJ was named Best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles by Elite Traveler Magazine, is an Empowerment Strategist and host of several podcasts. An Amazon best-selling author, JJ has been featured in many national magazines, including Shape, Fitness, and Women’s Health as well as appeared on NBC, CBS, Fox and KTLA.

There is NO wealth without health.

In this episode of Morgana Radio, you will learn:

  • What “Inner Fitness” is, and why it matters
  • Why dieting and exercise is hurting us and not producing the results we want
  • The real mind-body-soul connection for lasting success and happiness
  • What you need to do–and in what order!–to drop weight and keep it off
  • Biochemical cravings vs emotional eating
  • The connection between fitness and love
JJ’s free gift:

Download JJ’s best-selling book: The Invisible Formula: 5 Secrets to Releasing Body Weight and Shame

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