MDOT with James "Lobo" Lopez

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James aka Lobo and I talked about starting over, success not equating to happiness, unhealthy fear of success and failure, anxiety, depression, and much more. Great conversation with a guy who knows how to make some really good salsa. He brought me some to try, and it is fantastic. Follow Lobo's Salsa: Where to find Lobo's Salsa in the Quad Cities: East Moline: Olde Towne Bakery Exp Hey Bryan’s Field ‘s Bar Moline Olde Towne Bakery Both QC Fuel locations Hollars Davenport: Frick's Thirstys on Third Off Point Pub Hawkeye Tap Eleven17 Dam View Bettendorf: Both QC Fuel locations Small Town Pastry Meatball’s Sandwich Company Hampton: Porter’s Village Geneseo: Country Store Wolf Rd.

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