Rebekah Barsotti

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Episode 46 Rebekah Barsotti
In July 2021, 33 year-old Virginia transplant, Rebekah Barsotti disappeared in the area of Clark Fork River near Alberton, Montana. Rebekah was in the process of going through a divorce and had separated from her husband following a turbulent relationship in which there were indications of domestic violence, including a no-contact order, but Rebekah was starting to plan out the next phase of her life and had recently moved into her own place. On July 20th, Rebekah arranged to meet her estranged husband's caregiver near a gas station in Superior, Montana to retrieve some of her belongings. According to the caregiver, the exchange went down without a hitch. From there, it appears that Rebekah traveled to the Clark Fork River to stretch her legs and train her beloved dog Cerberus. Rebekah however was never seen again. A family hiking along the river found several items belongin to Rebekah stacked nealy along the riverbank and contacted police who found Rebekah's car at a nearby rest stop, but there was no sign of Rebekah or Cerberus. Several days later, Cerberus's remains were found 10 miles down stream from where Rebekah's belongings were found. Police seemed to immediately latch on to the theory that Rebekah simply fell into the river, perhaps trying to save Cerberus, and drowned. Rebekah's family immediately uprooted their lives to move to Montana to search for Rebekah, and were met with several challenges, as well as what they feel have been close-minded investigators. They have many questions, the most important one being; If Rebekah drowned, where is her body?
Rebekah's parents Angela, and Gerry Mastrovito discuss their frustrations in this episode as what has and has not been done in an effort to find their daughter.
Rebekah Barsotti is described as 5 feet, 5 inches tall and 135 pounds with sandy colored hair and blue eyes. If you have any information about her case, contact Private Investigator James Terry, 813-993-2242
You can also contact Angela Mastrovito directly at 540-834-6131 or via her Facebook page at:
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