David Claude Yeager

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Episode 45 David Claude Yeager
Seventeen year-old David Claude Yeager left his Shreveport, Louisiana home on February 7, 1971 to head to a nearby school event he wanted to attend. It's not clear whether that event was a dance, or a debate club meeting, as both have been reported, but what is clear, is that David never made it to his intended destination, and has never been seen again. Money in his bank account remained untouched. When David failed to return home, his family went to police who were of the opinion that he left on his own free will- something his family said he would never do. Their initial fear was that perhaps David had been struck by a car and was hurt, or dead on the side of the road, but when searches came up empty, they began to consider if David was the victim of foul play, perhaps even at the hands of a serial killer. David's cousin Kelly Chance discusses this frustrating and mysterious cold case
If you have information about David's case, please call the Shreveport Police Department 318-673-7028
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