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This time, special guest cohost Matty F joins the show as we talk about time, Nuclear Man, camping misadventures, iTunes gift cards, and putting the RETAIL back in Miserable Retail Slave!

Eeyore is the guest cohost tonight/ The slow March towards death: time (1:30)/ Late and early (2:30)/ awkward house parties (4:30)/ drop that beat (9:45)/ special guest Matty F from the podcast, Flummoxed (13:00)/ a Seinfeld podcast - That’s a Shame (14:00)/ putting the retail back in Miserable Retail Slave and missing retailq (15:00)/ Dusty Rhodes impressions (17:30)/ professional dad (20:00)/ what’s your favorite thing about working retail? (21:00)/ Applebee’s is Valhalla (27:00)/ characters in retail (28:50)/ missing mindlessness (31:20)/ The curious case of the serial pooper (33:00)/ dating tips with Matty F (37:00)/ nuclear man from Superman (44:00)/ Career aspirations of a youthful Joey Chestnut (48:00)/ asking iTunes gift cards (49:30)/ becoming a vinyl hound and Record Store Day (50:40)/ podcast vinyl and becoming a Twitch God (54:30)/ arch enemies (59:00)/ Matt’s camping misadventures (1:01:30)

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Randy and Tommy were recently on the Bummin' with Bobcat podcast along with Shayna from Girl Interrupter podcast and Dennis from The Dennis Show!

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Miserable Retail Slave is a big, dumb comedy show established in 2012. Randy and comedian cohost, Tommy Thompson, look at life through their cracked and skewed lens. Their glasses might be rose-colored but they’re also smudged and half empty. The goal is to make you laugh, so if you’re looking for a fun conversation...this podcast is for you!

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