300. This is Sparta

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Hey. It's our 300th episode. 10 years, 300 episodes. And we celebrate by doing absolutely nothing special. Enjoy!

Batman and Robert/ Have you ever been hot? (2:20)/ I got stuff to do (4:56)/ Getting stuck in these rituals (8:00)/ Eating hot things and everything’s a challenge (10:15)/ Flaming Hot Mt Dew (15:40)/ Episode 300 (20:35)/ Tommy, age 22 (23:40)/ “these hairy cheeks hide a dangerous secret” (25:30)/ Bathtub calamities (29:40)/ Shave your arm! (39:40)/ Randy is funny (38:00)/ College orientation and open houses (39:30)/ Dadcast (56:44)

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