Is Nomad Dead?!

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This is a recording of a class I recorded way back in June, 2021 for our real estate investor group in Northern Colorado. So, why am I publishing a class that's over a year old on October 24, 2022?

Over the last month, I've had several people suggest to me or ask me if in our current real estate market in Minneapolis... a real estate market where...

  • Prices are UP... A LOT!
  • Interest rates are UP... A LOT!
  • Demand has cooled off quite a bit.
  • Rents are UP, but not THAT MUCH.
  • Income is UP, but not THAT MUCH.
  • Inflation is definitely HERE and likely to continue until the world... and yes... there is a worldwide inflation issue... not just in the US... gets it under control.

...if in that type of real estate market in Minneapolis... should they even be considering buying properties?

For example, yesterday I got the following email from a client:

"So what’s your advice to buyer clients right now? Wait for prices to fall? Buy now but with cash? Use those builder incentive loans? Watch TV with the dog?"

My response: watch the "Is Nomad Dead?!" class... that's still my answer.

And, so I figured... I might share with you the class that I feel is a really solid start to the answer to the question... should I even be thinking about investing in real estate right now with the market... especially the real estate market in Minneapolis... in its current state.

One more thing before I share with you the class recording... while the answer I gave in the class is appropriate for today's real estate market... there is some additional nuance that I should... and probably will... take some time to add in future content I put out... so be sure to subscribe and be on the lookout for that.

This episode was recorded to help real estate investors make better decisions about whether they should buy investment properties or not.

Watch the video version of this class:

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