Joker 2: A Shake Up for Who? - ORC 6/16/22

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What is This Episode- Top of Show . WARNER BROS HEADLINES: Joker 2: The Musical! - 2:14 (And Have We Seen the last of Margot Quinn?) WB’s Big Shake Up Leads to Todd Phillips as Kevin Feige? - 8:06 (aka WB’s Multiverse of Madness) Folie a Who? - 15:00 . Apple Paying $140M for Brad Pitt’s F1 Film - 18:16 Julia Garner to Play Madonna for Madonna in Madonna The Movie - 20:41 Bradley Cooper’s First Look as Leonard Bernstein - 27:08 . BOX OFFICE UPDATE: Jurassic World Dominion Upsets Mike1 - 29:40 Dominion Review - 31:40 Top Gun Maverick Keeps Holding Strong - 35:33 What Will Lightyear Do Next Week? - 39:15 Hustle on Netflix Review - 41:35 . AWARDS SEASON DATES: PGA, BAFTA Set Their Dates - 47:31 What’s an Ideal Awards Schedule Look Like? - 50:32 Dawn Hudson’s Replacement as Academy CEO Tabbed - 52:15 . . Where To Find Our Work/LEAVE US 5* REVIEWS! - 55:28 Words of Wisdom/What’s Coming Next - 56:30

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