MTA 047 - Saúl Zavarce - from Venezuela to Melbourne radio doyen

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Saúl Zavarce has been presenting his celebrated Saturday morning program, Fiesta Jazz, since 2000, making him a veteran of the airwaves and a familiar face around Melbourne community FM station, 3PBS-FM. Fiesta Jazz explores Saúl's Venezuelan heritage, delving into Latin jazz and beyond into Afro-Caribbean, Spanish and Brazilian jazz, jazz fusions and Latin American folk rhythms. - that is straight from the 3PBS-FM bio page for Saúl, and I could not have said it better!

Today we meet Saúl, who tells us about arriving in Australia from Venezuela, and making his way to Melbourne, and how he has become an important contributor to the Latin American community through his 20 year tenure as presenter of Fiesta Jazz on Saturday morning.

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