Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 31/10/2020

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Windy conditions courtesty of Storm Aidan has yielded a lot of fallen leaves and in this final programme for 2020 Paraic discusses using leaf litter over the coming weeks to start or add to composting. It's almost November – a month to propogate, plant and protect. There's advice on taking cuttings, sowing bare root hedging and protecting tender plants from cooler temperatures and nighttime frosts. Apple, pear, plum and cherry trees can all be planted now. It's also a time to clean out greenhouses and polytunnels, divide plants such as hostas, and plant up bulbs either in the ground or in pots as they generally won't last the winter season in bags. Listeners questions included moving and caring for camelias, dealing with large groups of millipedes, spraying for blackspot on escallonia, using Zero to remove moss from apple trees and tips on getting rid of ivy. In addition, there's advice on companion planting potatoes and mustard seed to help control wire worm, growing orange trees in Ireland, pollinating mulberry trees, and overwintering lillies, begonias and dahilas.

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