Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 30/10/2021

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In this final programme for 2021 Paraic runs through all of the tasks that should be done now to set gardens up for a great winter period. With nighttime frosts setting in there's a reminder about taking cuttings from tenders plants and the importance of looking after wildlife now that temperatures are dropping. It's still a good time to plant up winter veg and spring bulbs can also be planted between now and mid-November. Hedges should also receive a light trimming and the ever present moss should also be treated now to keep it under control over the winter months. Listeners questions this week include what to grow in a new greenhouse, storing nastursium seeds over winter, the benefits of keeping strawberries outdoors in colder weather, harvesting seeds from a wildflower meadow, plants suitable for silt based soil, transplanting conifers, growing red hot pokers, moving holly and peoney trees.

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