Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 30/05/2020

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Temperatures are still on the up and the dry hot weather means that it is necessary to water and feed plants at the moment. Paraic gave advice on how to water conservatively and what to focus on if supplies are limited. The recent wind damage is more evident in the past week so there was advice on what to do if plants have been affected and there was information on how listeners can take part in the Bloom At Home event which is taking place over the weekend. Topics covered included growing ivy to cover a wall, feeding, dead-heading and treating lupins for aphids, watering and feeding tomoatoes and setting alpines in a small rockery. Listeners questions included feeding and transplanting peony roses, treatment for cabbage and carrot root fly, feeding beetroot, lifting and storing tulips and sowing parsley and basil from seed.

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