Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 27/03/2021

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As spring is a little slow to get up and running this year the programme this week looked at jobs that can still be done by way of tidying up the garden. Paraic recommended getting out the secaturs and trimming back any plants that might benefit from pruning. He also encouraged listeners to consider purchasing plants early in order to avoid disappointment should stocks become scarce due to unprecedeneted demand. Easter is just around the corner and there are lots of options to introduce some colour to gardens with some really vibrant pansies and osteospermum available at the moment. Vegetables can be sown outdoors now, and with potatoe planting in full swing there was some timely advice for those growing this much loved staple. It's also time to prune back hydrangeas and Paraic had some great tips for planting projects for with children. Listeners questions on the programme included transplanting laurels, liverwort in shrubs, starting a new garden from scratch, sowing sweet box shrub and revitalising a dehydrated box ball, supporting calla lillies during growth, plants for north facing border, care of bromeliads and a plantscape to compliment a garden fountain.

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