Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 26/06/2021

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With good weather promised, this week is an ideal time to start feeding flowering plants with liquid feed, and it's also a super time to propogate plants from cuttings or slips with some great tips on how to go about that this week from Paraic. There's also a reminder on treating for aphid damage which is expected to be prevalent in coming days. On foot of queries from listener's there's a further reminder on treating for blight and Paraic looks at some cottage garden plants that will add long term colour to gardens and borders with lilies, salvia and lobelia all featured. There's advice on disease in roses and how to treat, and what to do with aphid damage on lupins and how to manage lupins going to seed. Other topics this week include poor fruiting return on strawberry plants, sowing wildflower seeds in a lawn, the difference between short and long day plants and samples of each, and information on indoor plants such as aspidistra, colous and schefflera.

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