Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 16/10/2021

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On this week's programme Paraic discusses how community clean ups can enhance local areas with bulb planting projects and how children can get involved in creating pollinator friendly plant spaces for all to enjoy. Bulb planting is also in the spotlight for spring with an in depth look at varieties of tulips and irises for early colour this coming year, and there's also a reminder on planting up hyacinths and amaryllis now to flower for Christmas. There's a special feature on planting apple trees; Paraic discusses the importance of using dwarf rootstock, of sowing varieites that flower at the same time to facilitate cross pollination and offers guidance on pruning apple trees in November. Listeners questions include how to plant a nut orchard, growing an avocado from seed, pruning angels wings, propogating herbaceous flowering plants like daisies and phlox, storing carrotts and how the french style of shaping trees known as pleaching can offer privacy in small urban gardens.

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