Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 15/05/2021

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The growing season has begun in earnest. This week the programme looks at how to keep on top of weeds and Paraic reminds us of the importance of feeding at this time of the year. There's a great selection of vegetables available now for planting and many can still also be sown from seed – broccoli, kale and cabbage all feature this week. The programme contains considerable discussion on tomatoes which are now coming into flower with the sungold variety coming in for special mention. Paraic also focuses on organic solutions to pest control – nematodes are now available as preventative measure for leatherjackets, slugs and snails, while for those growing hostas the benefits of garlic wonder are explained. There's information on adding magnesium and iron to soil, planting peoney roses and growing green manure. Listeners questions include how to prevent rhubarb running to seed, good ground covering perennials, the difference between using mini and composted bark, suggestions for small weeping trees, tips on growing eucalyptus trees, storing daffodil and tulip bulbs over the summer, growing hybiscus, and planting out petunias, begonias, cosmos and sunflowers at this time.

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