Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 12/06/2021

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Warmer temperatures and humidity triggers a blight warning from forecasters and this week Paraic advises treatment as soon as possible and discusses the various treatment options available, from the more traditional to those currently available in stores. There's also a focus on watering plants and containers with a recommendation to water the soil rather than the plants themselves. There are really good planting conditions at the moment so there's lots of options for planting into borders and bringing some colour to patio pots and containers, and June is also a great month for sowing and reseeding lawns so Paraic has some great tips on how to encourage new growth and get new lawns looking their best as soon as possible. Plants in focus this week are the Trapaeolum Speciosum or the perennial nasturium (Scottish flame creeper) which is very fast growing but can be difficult to propogate, while peoney roses, lupins and sweet william all come in for some attention. Listeners questions in this edition of the programme address problems with the Ermine Moth Larvae in whitethorn and blackthorn, plants suitable for large containers, cutting back seedum, aphid attack on leylandii, repotting anthurium, sowing hardy annuals from seed and trimming back buxus and rhodedendron.

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