Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 11/04/2020

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Gardening is one activity that continues to be enjoyed by people during this time of social distancing and restriction. This week Paraic gave an update on measures being taken by garden centres and horticultural retailers in respect of government guidelines resulting in garden centres being closed to the public but online purcahes can be made with home delivery. There was a feature on the young gardening and food blogger Norah Ralph and tips on what can be done in the garden over the Easter weekend from splitting favourites such as hostas, astilbes and lillies to feeding all garden plants now new growth has started with warmer weather. Listeners questions included advice on scarifing laws, feeding and care of apple trees and training espaliers, caring for camelias to encourage flowering, problems with indoor plants such as bromiliads and cotinus, replanting in soil previously infested with carrot root fly and using shop bought potatoes in the absence of standard seed this year.

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