Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 06/03/2021

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In this programme, the first of 2021, Paraic looks at all the different tasks that can be undertaken as gardens unfurl from winter and awaken into spring, from tips on general tidying up chores to considerations on what to plant for the upcoming gardening year. There's information on lawns and a discussion on the benefits of planting a wildflower lawn which is especially suited to certain coastal conditions. Brexit and other factors have impacted the availability of seed potatoes this year which are in much demand at the moment. Those available include Vita Bella, Cara, Foxton and Navan and Paraic recommends getting them early amid predictions of scarcity to come. Many vegetables can also be planted and the programme features a segments on planting vegetables in both a belfast sink and a vegepod. While its important to protect seedlings at night time, hardy plants are perectly fine to put into the ground right now, and it's also a great time for divisioning with hostas, agapanthus, snowdrops ad arum lillies all coming in for mention. Listeners questions included suggestions for ground cover for an alpine planted area, enriching soil for potatoes, planting a rockery, cutting back broom and pampas grasses and small trees that can be grown outside in pots.

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